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The Full Story

About Pamt Derwen Apiary

This is the full story on how I, Dafydd Pett got into beekeeping producing some of the highest quality Welsh Honey produced across Wales.


The Begining

The journey starts in 1969 when my grandfather, Mike Pett bought his first hive which was kept in his back garden. He wanted to have enough Welsh Honey to last his family a full year.

My grandfather finally retired in 1998 and this is where hive numbers started to rapidly increase. There was now enough Welsh honey to start supplying shops across south Wales.


How I Started

In 2014 I went to visit my grandfather along with my primary school. This was my first experience up close with the bees despite seeing them in the garden for years. I was given my first hive and I was paid a whopping £60 a year for helping out. I also became a massive Welsh Honey connoisseur.

My grandfather suddenly passed away in 2017 leaving me with all of his hives as nobody else in the family kept bees. I went from 3 to 35 hives overnight. My dad was roped into helping me even though he was petrified of bees



Since 2017 we have grown a reputation for supplying premium Welsh honey and caring for the environment. We now have our honey stocked in farm shops, deli's and butchers across the UK. 

Our full story is yet to be completed.
You can join me on my journey by subscribing to our site.

Dafydd Pett

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