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Adopt A Hive

At Pant Derwen Apiary we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and what better way to promote how you manage yours than by signing up to an exciting partnership with us and adopting a beehive.



Adopting a hive from Pant Derwen Apiary will make a positive and almost immediate impact on the environment and is a cost effective activity that your business can be part of.


  • Unique marketing and PR opportunities

  • Cost-effective CSR solutions with immediate environmental impact

  • Topical stories for your social media campaigns

About Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Hive Benefits

1 x New hive of honeybees installed here on our apiary in the County Borough of Bridgend

Personalised Adoption Certificate

24 x 227g (8oz) jars of your delicious honey, harvested and labelled by hand directly from the beehive to your door

You'll get regular seasonal social media updates throughout the beekeeping season on your hive including photos and videos

​Framed Picture of your hive

​Bespoke plaque featuring your logo fixed to your hive

One Hive £250 per year + VAT

or £450 for 2 years

Adopt A Hive


You will get a brand new hive with your bespoke plaque fitted to it. This hive could potentially have anywhere between 10,00 and 60,00 bees in the summer.
These bees will work around the clock to make your bee-autiful honey.

Welsh Honey


24x 227g jars of Pure Welsh Runny Honey. These jars can are great rewards for employees or even gifts to clients.

Adopt A Hive


We will update you regularly with social media posts along with a drop box full of high resolution, copyright free images of your branded hive.

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Welsh Honey For Sale


You will help the bee population who can pollinate up to 5,000 flowers every single day during the summer months. They also pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat.


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