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Runny Honey

Our liquid or runny honey is packaged in 8 oz (227 gram) and 12 oz (340 gram) jars but can also be supplied in various sizes for special orders.

Our liquid honey is processed by removing the wax cappings and spinning the frame. The honey is then course strained to ensure that all the goodness is left within the honey and only the wax bits are removed. No heat is applied when we process the honey so that you get it in perfect condition as it would be within the hive.... pure!

Soft Set Honey

Our soft set honey is crystallised honey that’s spun until it’s smooth, spreadable, and 100% delicious. Soft set honey is great for spreading on toast in the morning as it is less likely to run off.

Bakers Honey

Our Bakers Honey is amazing value at just £15.00 for a huge 1.5 KG bucket.

This bakers honey is honey that has been removed from the wax cappings by applying heat... because it has been heated, we will not sell it as our regular honey as we do not use heat in the processing of that.

Despite this bakers honey previously being heated, it still has great taste and nutritional properties and is great to use in your baking instead of sugar or just adding to your cup of tea.

Chunk Honey

Chunk honey is a chunk of comb honey in a jar with liquid honey poured over it. Supplied in 12 oz (340 gram) jars, it is normally only available from September to December as it sells out fast. Contact us for availability.

Set Honey

All honey made by honeybees starts off as liquid or 'runny' honey. Some honey types, set rather quickly, and are best enjoyed as a natural set honey. Our set honey is only available at certain times of the year where we have left the honey in the perfect conditions to set more quickly. Please contact us to check availability.

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